November 17, 2003

'Bloom with Books' Celebrates Reading

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You’ve seen the “Read to Me Any Time, Any Place” banners hanging on various buildings throughout the city of Ithaca — but who is behind them and what do they represent?

The banners, mounted in prominent locations such as the Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca High School, Cornell University Press, the Triphammer Mall Clock Tower and Wegmans, are promoting the Family Book Partnership (FBP) and its yearly events and fundraisers.

Brigid Hubberman, executive director of the FBP, said that “the impact of the banners goes far beyond the beautiful artwork and simple, yet powerful message to parents and caregivers to read to their children, they represent what we value as a community; learning, art, children and families.”

This weekend, the Boynton Middle School, located next to Ithaca High School, hosted the “Bloom with Books” Kids’ Book Fest, the FRP’s feature event of the year. The event certainly appeared to bloom as over 2000 children, along with their parents and friends attended the communal educational event.

Walking into the middle school, participants were transported into a garden-type setting, filled with smiling children running about making puppets, creating their own story books, watching various interactive stage productions and singing songs. As children and adults made their way throughout the recreated garden d