December 4, 2003

Editors' Note

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So you didn’t make the Top 25 list. Suck it up buttercup, we didn’t make it either. This does not mean your influence cannot be felt throughout the Cornell Campus, it just means that 25 other people seem to have more influence than you do. For us, well, we have this brilliant, mind melting Arts & Entertainment section (our ego is in need of a little stroking after reading all the accomplishments of our top 25).

After talking with numerous campus notables, professors, and The Sun editorial board, these are the names that came up again and again. They are the faces and unique personalities who have enriched the campus and affected change. This is not to say your doodles on the bathroom stall haven’t affected the same number of people, but just that the top 25 have exerted their influence in a more positive, benevolent manner. Probably while using better grammar than your graffiti.

Although these 25 students represent our choices as the most influential on campus, we each determine our own legacy at Cornell. In the end, no matter what we achieve on campus, inevitably Cornell will have the greatest influence upon us. And ow! Oh! Hey, it hurts to hold this pose. What we really want to say is, classes are almost over, we’re going home, we’re going to bed, and who really cares if someone on this campus might one day cure cancer? Well, we do. A little.

Archived article by Erica Stein