February 5, 2004

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton

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I admit it. Upon hearing the premise for Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, I was instantly hooked. Hollywood, once again playing it cheap and dirty, had decided to appeal to my most shallow side, and, like an obedient demographic, I fell for the bait. Winning a date with your favorite celebrity? Wasn’t this every girl’s dream? Despite a catchy title and intriguing premise, however, Win a Date is surprisingly bland and unfulfilling as fantasies go.

When grocery store clerk and Fraziers Bottom native Rosalee Futch (Kate Bosworth) literally wins a date with Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel), she is whisked away to Hollywood and enjoys a magical evening with her silver screen idol. The contest is actually a ploy to improve Tad’s image concocted by the reckless movie star’s agent and manager, both named Richard Levy (Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes). The so-called twist on this silicon fairy tale? Despite his jaded, Hollywood disposition, Tad actually falls for Rosalee. Apparently, her pastoral freshness and naivet