February 12, 2004

Editor's Note

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Ah, St. Valentine! How depressed you would be to see the very principles for which you gave your life (love, flowers, and puppies) transformed into a cheap, hollow attempt to make people feel horrible about being single and wear red.

Yeah, so the holiday’s founder wouldn’t be so excited about the whole soul-sucking corporatization thing, but once he got a load of the chocolate, he’d be a whole lot happier. We at daze were also happy to have bought some fine chocolates for our cover photo shoot. Some other people who enjoy chocolate (even when it’s not theirs) are The Sun’s Editor-in-Chief, Nate Brown, and the Associate Editor, Laura Rowntree. Below, witness our top two caught red-handed, devouring our photo shoot before it even happened. Look how quickly our fearless leader tries to deflect the responsibility!

Also, check out our feature, and if you like the mindblowing mix we’ve assembled, drop us a line and a buck and you can own it.

Archived article by Erica Stein