February 12, 2004

The Daze Rant

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Caution: This section may contain opinions that could be perceived as mockery directed towards others. However, more often than not, it’s simply a manifestation of the author’s own frustrations with him or herself. So for anyone offended by the following content, rest assured that I cry myself to sleep every day.

I heard in a movie the other day that when you’re in a relationship you gain confidence because you know that there’s at least one person who really sees something in you. That reminded me of a time when a certain purple dinosaur told me that “you must learn to love yourself.” I’m of the mind that no one truly knows you better than yourself, so if someone sees something in you, odds are you’ve seen it in yourself too, but for some reason or other it has left you at a lesser confidence level. The value system you had apparently puts less weight on it. I’ll concede, maybe this person has put it into a new light or emphasized it more than you have, which could make you more proud of it and hence more confident. Maybe this person helped you realize what you truly valued, which was different from what you had thought and is more consistent with the qualities you have (hmm