February 19, 2004

Test Spin: Al Qaeda

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I can say with no hesitation that this music video is the most violent thing since the knife that first sliced bread. Produced by British Jihadists with the intent of mustering English-speaking Muslims to their battle call, “Dirty Kuffar (Unbeliever)” will not likely appear on MTV anytime soon. The blood-orgy commences with a CNN video that features US soldiers relishing their own arrogance after killing a wounded Iraqi. It then segues to Sheikh Terra, Qu’ran in right hand and pistol in left, both pointed at the camera. Soon after he begins to rap, half in Arabic and half in English, calling Bush an unbeliever and Blair a “B-liar.” Apparently fans of things that are sort of vaguely reminscent of puns, they also employ such insta-classic slang as “Digihad” and “OGhad” (literally “Original Gangsta-had”).

The next two minutes are cuts between a series of masked rappers and videos of terrorists, explosions, sniper scopes, and political figures with messages like “Kill the Crusaders” and “Be Prepared for Battle with the Infidels” superimposed. Various heads of heathen states morph into silly animals and humerous cartoon characters. It is the first song to give a shout-out to Hamas since LL Cool J’s “Phenomenon.” The video ends with the rappers laughing to the twin towers falling, and then presents a list of countries that the US has victimized since 1945. If scripted, the result would be the anti-Geneva Convention. As it is, it demonstrates the stupidity of people arguing over who has the better dietary traditions and imaginary friend.

Archived article by Chris Kakovitch