February 26, 2004

Editor's Note

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February: as month so dull that not even the acquisition of the Oscars could make it interesting. Lacking both the frozen beauty of January and the hope-inspiring snow melting of March, the shortest month has a way of dragging on forever. Maybe if we got off for Presidents’ Day we’d be more kindly disposed to the Feb., but since we don’t, there’s only one thing that will make the grey wasteland stretching from the second week of class to spring break bearable: the Friday night double feature. Tomorrow, grab a bottle of cheap red wine, pizza, your company of choice, and head over to your VCR / DVD player. Our picks for your night of sweat-shirt clad sloth? Groundhog Day and Smoke. There’s no way you’ve managed to get this far in life without seeing Bill Murray’s brilliant turn as a disgruntled weatherman, so we’ll just remind you that this flick could be one of the best comedies of the ’90s. Smoke, unfortunately, isn’t nearly as well known, but it should be. Boasting an unbelievable ensemble cast including Forrest Whitaker, Stockard Channing, and William Hurt, the movie is set in Paul Auster’s Brooklyn. It’s the kind of borough where coincidences are common place and grace is not unheard of. Try hanging out with the gang at the Brooklyn Cigar Co. this weekend, and stick around for the credits to see the best cinematic use of a Tom Waits song ever.

Archived article by Andrew Gilman