February 27, 2004

Laser Tag Zaps Ithaca Area

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Have a score to settle?

Instead of taking it out to the parking lot, challenge your nemesis to a game of laser tag at Ithaca Extreme Lazer X, located at 417 West State St.

The business opened in the Fall of 2003, and according to Hayk Tadevosyan, owner and president of the new facility, has the goal of catering to the extensive student population of Ithaca.

“We are trying to provide the students with another thing to do for fun,” he said.

Students appear enthusiastic about the prospect of laser tag in Ithaca, too.

“Since Cornell already has bowling and rock climbing, laser tag seems like it’ll be a really different — [a] fun thing to do with friends,” said Meg Lembo ’06.

Although the exterior resembles the surrounding buildings, the interior is a maze of black lights, strobe lights and soft barriers, designed to provide cover for the laser tag matches.


There are two types of matches: a team game that pits two teams of six or more players in a battle for the highest score, and an “every man for himself” match where players simply shoot to accrue points for their own score.

Tadevosyan explained that the laser equipment is state of the art, with LCD display screens on each gun that displays the player’s statistics and rank. The arena is a 3,000 square-foot warehouse equipped with hundreds of black lights and dozens of places to crouch to fire on the enemy.

“When a game is being played there is an array of flashing colored lights, and a sound track of intense music to add excitement to the match,” he said.

When not involved in a match, participants can play one of the arcade games or use the air hockey table. Also, there is an upstairs “party room” and “lounge” available for use.

“Larger groups can rent out the party room or lounge and pretty much keep to themselves,” he said.

Tadevosyan has been pleased with the reception from Cornell students. Several fraternities and sororities have scheduled time to use the facility, including the Delta Gamma Sorority, which used the facility for an event.

“The building allows us to be extremely flexible with the schedule,” he said. “We can remain open far into the night or early in the morning, whatever works best for the group.”

Students are also pleased with the arena.

“A few weeks ago, I drove past it and was very excited to see that Ithaca had laser tag since I really enjoy playing it at home,” said John Collins ’06.

Archived article by Steve Angelini