March 10, 2004

Ex-Editor Finds New Obsessions

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If you’ve seen me in the past few days, you probably already know that I’ve become the happiest guy on campus. Why, you may be asking?

The answer is simple. I’m done with my editorial term at the paper.

Now don’t get me wrong, being an editor wasn’t a bad thing — in fact it was an amazing experience. I got to travel the Northeast, make life-long friends, and stumble onto things like Jeremy Schaap’s ’91 cell phone number. Put simply: his voicemail box will never be the same. Neither will Al’s French Frys, or my colon, but that’s for another column.

But — I am extremely glad it’s over. When you’re an editor you often spend 20 to 40 hours a week doing work for the paper, and that doesn’t count the time spent on road trips to cover the teams. I’m glad I’m done because now I can spend time on more important things that we all come to Cornell for