March 11, 2004

Phair Fences at NCAA Finals

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Newsweek may have other thoughts, but to sophomore Meghan Phair Cornell is ahead of Harvard, Yale, and MIT. Ahead in fencing, that is.

Phair took first place in epee competition at the NCAA fencing regionals this past weekend, moving from sixth-place to first in the tournament en route to the area’s top epee seed for the upcoming NCAA national fencing tournament. For the sophomore All-American, her second trip to nationals seems even sweeter than the first.

“This is my second trip, and I’m really excited this year,” Phair said.

Yet as excited as Phair is, head fencing coach Al Peters is equally as charged for the competition. For Peters, Phair has provided outstanding team leadership and modeled a champion’s work ethic for her teammates.

“She’s a tremendous athlete, trains hard, and fences smart,” Peters said of Phair. “She leads by example. She trains hard and everyone respects her —