March 12, 2004

Protecting 'The Line'

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I wish I were still a Cornell Daily Sun insider, because then I would’ve known about Per Ostman’s column — which ran yesterday — before it came out. Why? Well, because then I could’ve written this column a day earlier and it could’ve ran side by side with Per’s. It would’ve made a lovely edition of Daily Sun Crossfire.

However, since I bailed out of The Sun’s inner circle a year ago — ok, I was forced out because of my little steroid habit, thanks BALCO! — I’ll instead have to ask you, the reader, to do me, the overgrown sports journalist, a huge favor: Read Per Ostman’s column. Go online — — or go find the copy on your porch which shows up everyday even though no one seems to know why, and read the man’s column. It’s good stuff. In fact, it might be the first and only sports column I’ve ever read twice in one sitting.

Now, I realize this is a strange way to start a column: gushing about another columnist’s work and no, Per hasn’t offered me more steroids for the publicity, but my column is a response to his. And if you haven’t read Per’s column, you might just sit there wondering who I’m so mad at. Well, for the record, the object of my discontent also happens to be the object of the first 150 words of this column, Per Ostman.

The topic of discussion: Vancouver Canuck Todd Bertuzzi’s cheap shot on the Colorado Avalanche’s Steve Moore on Monday. I’m sure you’ve seen the footage, it’s been repeated more times than Janet and Justin playing peek-a-boo over the last week.

When I first saw the footage I was appalled and felt the way most Americans must’ve felt when first seeing the near-tragic punch from behind and subsequently grotesque sliding pile-on. “His career is over!” I shouted.

Then, I came to my senses. This is sports. Sports are violent, “It’s a man’s game