March 18, 2004

Campus Couture

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With spring break only one day away, it’s hard to concentrate on papers and prelims while thoughts of packing fill my head. Whether you are going someplace sunny, or staying here, nothing beats the idea of sunshine. So, to brighten up the dreary March weather, I’ve found some hot items to get you geared towards fun times in the sun.

Malia Mills Swimwear

A flattering bathing suit used to be as hard to find as a good pair of jeans, especially if your body doesn’t resemble that of Barbie, or even Skipper for that matter. Malia Mills, a Cornell grad, has made this grueling process stress-free by creating bathing suits for every body type. Whether getting ready for spring break, or just planning for summer, Ms. Mills’ creations are a “must” for the warm weather ahead.

Wetsuit Bags

There is finally a stylish way to transport your wet bathing suit without ruining everything it comes in contact with. These cute and colorful pouches are lined with protective vinyl, ensuring that the suit you wore while enjoying your last few hours at the beach does not soak your entire bag.

Colorful Luggage Tags

We’ve all been there — trying to spot a black bag on a luggage carousel over-flowing with black bags. These colored rubber identification tags make this process a whole lot easier, giving you a hint of color to look for (though nothing helps if the airport has lost your bags).

CD case speaker

The TDK “I’MASPEAKER” CD case is one of the simplest, but most useful inventions recently produced. This CD case houses a remarkably powerful speaker in its outer casing, allowing you to play CDs or hookup your iPod to it.

Kai Candle

If you’re stuck sniffing ether in the fly lab over break, you might want to think about purchasing one of these candles for your apartment. As soon as it’s lit, it is easy to imagine that you are lying on a beach in Hawaii smelling plumeria and tuberose.

“I need sunshine” purse

To those dedicated students who will not be able to escape the grey skies of Ithaca, or even worse, the library, there is now a purse for such an occasion. The “I need sunshine” purse certainly has been relevant many times in my Cornell career, along with their other designs: “I need a vacation,” “I need a hug,” and “I need a raise.”

Archived article by Kelsey Nichols