March 18, 2004

Go for the Gust-o!

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A gust of wind ferociously blew outside Barton Hall as plenty of students gathered on Sunday night for the Guster and Rufus Wainwright concert. Despite its inconvenient timing during prelim hell week (I myself have two and am barely functioning except for the fact that next week is spring break), a sizable number of concert goers came to hear the two acclaimed acts. The turnout was, surprisingly, Guster’s fifth largest concert in ticket sales ever, a stat that lead singer Ryan Miller boasted in between songs.

When the house lights dimmed, a shortly cropped Wainwright took to the center of the stage to sit at a piano. Dressed in a white tunic and with one stage light shining on his delicate frame bearing the resemblance of a dim halo, Wainwright looked angelic and fragile amidst the sea of darkness. Without surreal lighting effects or backup performers, Wainwright opted for a minimalist set, either seated at the keys, or strumming on an acoustic guitar. There was the obligatory verbal discourse with the audience, and Wainwright seemed at ease with his banter as he made light of Barton as a venue choice (apparently military paraphernalia turns him on