April 8, 2004

Test Spin: Bruce Haack

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Bruce Haack was a ’60s psycho addicted to barbiturates and synthesizers before either were popular in mainstream music. This reissue presents his long-out-of-print kids album from 1966 that he recorded along with Miss Nelson and some asbestos-huffing nieces. For sheer value, nothing beats the 6-minute ode to Indian raga. I don’t know too much about Indian music, but I severely doubt it usually involves tinny Kraftwerkian electronics and crime-fighting worms. But that’s nothing compared to the ever-classic “School for Robots,” a work that was so ahead of its time, it still feels like something utterly incomprehensible to the mere mortals that wander before its steel-toothed, oil-fueled fury of robot dance instruction.

Archived article by ZAM Linigones