April 14, 2004

Senior Diplomat Explains 'Why Canada Matters'

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In an effort to educate the Cornell Community about the important relationship between America and Canada, the connection between the two countries was discussed as part of a lecture last night in Kaufman Auditorium entitled “Why Canada Matters,” delivered by Stephen Kelly ’72, a senior diplomat currently serving as Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa.

Kelly also worked as a journalist who later joined the Foreign Service and served as part of the United States Peace Corps. The event was sponsored by the Canadians at Cornell Club (CACC), as well as a large number of other organizations including the departments of government and economics, the Mario Enaudi Center for International Studies and Cornell Law School. Kelly started his talk by explaining two goals he had for the time allotted.

“I want to shock you into thinking about Canada,” he said. “I also want to convince you to join the U.S. Foreign Service,” he added. Kelly discussed the lack of information Americans have about Canada, saying that in a poll last year of 1,513 Americans, only eight percent could correctly identify then Prime Minister Jean Chr