April 15, 2004

Editors' Note

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Down here at daze, we like to consider ourselves the unappreciated prophets of The Sun. True, no one listens to us, and there is actually a ?Zach and Alex Insult Board,? where other editors can post sometimes hateful and threatening messages about us. In spite of this scorn, we remain undeterred, and embrace our little fourteen pages as our pulpit to profess our ecumenical message.

Last weekend, after one too many bong hits, both of us were possessed with a powerful and awesome vision, roaring like a symphony of victory in our collective consciousness: daze liberation! The notion is wholly revolutionary and original, and we would like to take sole credit for it at this time.

Think of your situation of oppression right now ? you want to pick up a copy of The Sun in order to peruse its only interesting section, daze, but you have to pay a ridiculous twenty five cents. Such a law is absurd. There is no way anyone should be charged a quarter for this piece of shit.

Brothers, we bring you visions of freedom, of a day when shoddy page design and poor writing bears no monetary obligation! We call to you, unite! Demand that The Sun be free! Take action now, petition the Editor-in-Chief Andy Guess at amg59. Or better yet, kidnap him and demand that he relent from his despotic ways of charging quarters!

Liberation is freedom! Free The Sun next semester! Viva Alex and Zach!

Archived article by Alex Linhard and Zach Jones