April 15, 2004

Entertainment News

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Straight Girls Get the Queer Eye

Straight guys are no longer the only ones who will be getting tips and quips from the “Fab Five” on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Straight girls now have the opportunity to get poked and prodded on their own television series, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. Everyone finally figured out that while there are guys who need help cleaning up and being hip, there are also thousands of frumpy women out there who need just as much of an overhaul. The idea was pitched to New York advertisers just last week and rumor has it that the show will appear on Bravo’s 2005 lineup. “It’s something our female fans have been requesting since Queer Eye became a hit,” net head Jeff Gaspin told Variety, also adding that the new series will go on air a year and a half after the original began, so there is no fear of it overshadowing its predecessor. There is no word yet on when casting will begin or which sex will be dispensing the style wisdom, but rumor has it that the “fab five” may be reduced to three people, and also may include a celebrity host. The Queer Eye make-better mentality will still be intact for this new series, yet it will be more centered on options to pump up style than on just the basics. Women generally know the basics, they just need a little help.

Billy Bob Spreads More Seed

As if Billy Bob Thornton hasn’t had enough wives (that would be 5) or children (um, 3? Or 4?) he is at it again! Billy Bob’s new gal-pal, Connie Angland (they aren’t married, not sure what they are), are expecting their first child in the fall. Thornton, who is 48, has had a slew of relationships, including his most recent failed marriage to Angelina Jolie. Thornton and Jolie broke up after three years of marriage in June 2002 when he moved out 11 days after their adopted child, Maddox, arrived from Cambodia. The twosome finally divorced in May 2003, explaining that they had different priorities. There is no word on when Thornton hooked up with Angland or whether they will have any sort of future together.

Lavigne’s Stalker Boi

For some reason, I don’t exactly know why, someone has apparently been stalking teen singer Avril Lavigne. Police arrested Seattle resident James Speedy and jailed him for investigation of stalking. This happened the same day that the punk (well, not really, sorry just my opinion) princess was playing to 4,000 people at an area mall. There has been no information released on what sort of Avril paraphernalia was discovered to have this guy arrested besides the normal obsessive fan type stuff. Rumor has it, though, that the police have been investigating since last summer, when Lavigne received some “questionable” things sent to her home in Ontario, Canada. Speedy, 30, posted bail at $5,000 and was released. Lavigne is in the midst of her 21-date “Top Secret Mall Tour” to promote her second album Under My Skin.

Prince Sued By College Student

Singer Prince and his bodyguard are being sued by a college student for allegedly “roughing him up,” and taking his camera after he snapped a picture of Prince getting off a plane at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The man accused Prince’s security guard of pouncing on him in the Dec. 29 incident “in an aggressive, threatening and violent manner” when he took a picture of Prince. As a result of the attack, the Minneapolis native claims he suffered “an inability to sleep, anxiety and humiliation.”

Archived article by Amanda Hodes