April 15, 2004

Gotta Have It

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If you happen to be one of my fellow seniors, these last few months at Cornell promise to be full of mixed emotions. On one hand, we’re going to miss friends, exciting professors, waiting in line forever to get last-row hockey tickets, and those oh-so-fun 8:40s. But on the other hand, we’re looking forward to the prospect of no more CoursEnroll, and no more walking up an obscenely steep slope to class in Ithaca’s always pleasant weather. Some of us are headed to countless other universities, while others have successfully navigated through the corporate guessing game of employment, fielded offers, and picked the one promising the best chance at an early retirement. But no matter which path you choose (or decide to head down a completely different one), you’re going to need some new stuff to begin the process of building the (gasp!) post-Cornell you. Today’s items have been hand-selected to make you into the king or queen of the competitive modern corporate scene.

Dress the Part

I hate to break it to you … but now that you’re officially “all growed up,” you’re not going to be able to show up to work sporting an “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt and a dirty pair of jeans. Not, at least, if you expect to make it long enough to earn that first Christmas bonus. Luckily, the good folks over at Brooks Brothers are here to help turn you from messy, “uncouth slob” into “slick apprentice” faster than you can say “charge card.” For the men, I recommend the BrooksCool line of suits. Composed of sturdy, yet ultra-lightweight cloth, it’s the perfect stylish (and comfortable) look to get you through your day. The BrooksCool is available in 2-Button Classic, 2-Button Pinstripe, 3-Button Ministripe, and 3-Button Classic styles. For the ladies, Brooks Brothers offers a wide variety of dresses, skirts, jackets, blazers, and suits that will be earning you extra style points in no time. (www.brooksbrothers.com)

Be Prepared to Rack up the Airline Miles

Going to school in a remote location such as Ithaca has taught me a thing or two about the wonderful world of frequent flying. First, avoid Chicago O’Hare Airport for connecting flights at all costs. Second, “In Flight Entertainment” is not all it’s cracked up to be. And most importantly, AVOID O’HARE AT ALL COSTS! We’ve all seen the hard-nosed business traveler type; the folks who arrogantly shuffle their way ahead of us at the gate and square into the mysterious promised land that is first class. Now’s your chance to join this elite company of travelers. But to fit in, you’re going to have to equip yourself with the necessary supplies. Enter the Klute Travel Bag. At first glance, this sleek, black leather bag appears to be nothing more than an ordinary — you guessed it — black leather bag. But that’s where the fun begins. Look inside and find a hanging garment section that stores and keeps three of your suits, dresses, or hanging items from getting plastered by our old nemesis, Mr. Wrinkle. The other side opens like a suitcase to reveal space for as much folded clothing as a full 24″ bag would dare to dream of. Numerous mesh pouches and zippered pockets hold the loose change and other small items, and an individual shoe compartment keeps the rest of your stuff from smelling like the locker room after the Boston Marathon. (www.kingport.com)

Be it Ever So Humble …

… there’s no place like a really accessible and comfortable desk area. Okay, okay, so you’re probably going to have to take whatever second-rate desk they’ve had in storage, but just in case you’re given any kind of say into what kind of desk you’re going to be set up with (and assuming you work for a big enough company where money is no object), feel free to recommend the Riverside Harbor Collection of desks. Besides costing upwards of $800, these beauties feature a lavish cherry or medium oak finish crafted from only the best American premium wood (none of that Canadian stuff, eh) and is both stunningly beautiful and productive, as it hides a convenient keyboard shelf and multi-outlet power bar. You can practice being bossy and pretentious all you like, but until you’ve got a desk that reeks of sophistication, you’re nothing but a minor leaguer. So step up to the plate right now. (www.riverside-furniture.com)

Archived article by Jason Mednick