April 15, 2004

Test Spin: Brad Mehldau Trio

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If you’re a music fan, you probably have an album or playlist that you can just sit back and relax to. Another one to add to the collection is Anything Goes from the Brad Mehldau Trio. The group’s latest recording includes ten explorative covers from artists including Paul Simon, Thelonious Monk, Charles Chaplin, and Radiohead. Mehldau previously released a number of albums, including six compilations with the Trio. Mehldau on piano, Larry Grenadier on bass, and Jorge Rossy on drums make for a romantic yet aggressive style of jazz.

The title track, Anything Goes, is a remake of the 1930s Cole Porter hit. Throughout the song, Mehldau’s unpredictable piano solos create a somewhat erratic feel. However, the Trio shines on many other tracks including the peaceful flow heard on “Tres Palabras.” The rendition of Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” presents a synchronized, almost telepathic approach as the Trio harmonizes throughout the song. On Skippy, the Thelonious Monk cover, an upbeat tempo caught my attention from start to finish as the band’s jazzy roots shined through. Best of all is the Radiohead cover, “Everything in It’s Right Place.” This song, in particular, delivers a hypnotizing feel with creative improvisations heard from all three members. If you’re looking for some new relaxing music, the Brad Mehldau Trio presents a mature refined effort of New Age jazz with subtle hints of classical inspirations.

Archived article by Adrian Prieto