April 22, 2004

Editor's Note

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You probably wouldn’t know it by reading our articles, but here at daze, we value the opinions of our readers. Of course, after publishing many substandard and offensive articles and receiving zero letters, we thought there might be some miscommunication. So, if you hate us, love us, or are seeking a date/restraining order from one or both of us, please let us know.

To the Editor:

I generally enjoy reading The Sun, so it is with great disappointment and disgust that I respond to an article included in Thursday’s red letter daze (“Private Lessons,” April 15, 2004) The text of the article, which was a review of a sex technique book, fell within the realm — although perhaps on the shady side — of standard college newspaper fare. But the pictures were a completely different story. Reproduced from the book itself, the cartoons explicitly depicted various sex acts, including fellatio. While sexually lenient college students may be unconcerned by this, they are not the only readers of The Sun; many other students, alumni, professors, community members, and even the younger siblings of Cornellians read the paper and find such images inappropriate and offensive. This gross departure from journalistic decency and professionalism is inexcusable for any newspaper, college or otherwise. I believe that The Sun’s writers are capable of a higher standard. It is our responsibility, as readers, to hold them to it.

Diane Gabl ’05

Archived article by Alex Linhardt and Zach Jones