April 23, 2004

Clarett-less Draft NFL's Loss

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This weekend, the NFL will hold its annual draft, or what my dad calls the largest meat market in North America. That distinction, I would argue, belongs to the combine, which was conducted several months ago in Indianapolis. There, front office personnel, coaches, and doctors poked and prodded hundreds of prospects, looking for any small sign of physical problems, all the way back to that nasty fifth-grade kickball injury. But I digress. The big question that loomed over the draft this weekend wasn’t whether the Giants will indeed trade up to select Eli “I’m not as good as either my father Archie or older brother Peyton” Manning with the No. 1 pick. No, the attention was focused squarely on one of Cornell’s finest alums. And while I wish it were on, say, a Cornell prospect — maybe senior quarterback Mick Razzano — it was actually Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg ’54.