April 29, 2004

Campus Coutre

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With the Ithaca weather growing more and more indecisive each day, it is important to be prepared for anything. These hot spring fashions are sure to keep you in style and practical whether you are caught in a flash-flood rainstorm or 80 degree weather. It’s all about being fashionable yet realistic!

Marimekko Mac

This bold and cheerful print from Finnish design house Marimekko is sure to brighten up any rainy day. Regardless of whether or not the dark skies open up with rain you are sure to be well prepared in this water-repellent brightly colored Macintosh-style coat. Tamara Henrique Striped Rain Boots

Rain may be able to stop play at Fenway Park or kill your new “doo,” but with these new striped Wellingtons the rain will have no effect on your day, except maybe to give you an excuse to wear these great rain boots. So stay ahead of the trends, and the puddles, with a new treat for your feet.

Buck’ette Hat

This bright water repellent hat might just be the solution to my biggest rainy day problem: fighting a sea of umbrellas. I, for one, am sick of having to duck and weave my way amidst the sea of umbrellas that roof the path to class. So, why not shove one of these attractive hats in your book bag to combat an unexpected mid-day storm?

C & C California T-Shirts

For those days when the morning weather is far from warm, but you know the afternoon temperature will hit 80 degrees, these shirts are the perfect solution. C & C California has made these t-shirts and tanks to be extremely versatile, looking fashionable when worn alone or layered multiple times.

Silhouette Minimal X Sunglasses

With styles and colors for both men and women, these sunglasses are perfect for walking to class or lounging by the gorges. The lightweight and flexible frames are extremely comfortable, plus you can feel good about protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, since the lenses are UV coated.

Baby Box Canvas Handbag

Fashionable and artistic, simple and sophisticated, these bags are an inspired way to carry your notebooks to class. The graphic patterns by Hable Construction add flair to your day, while the canvas is durable enough to carry nearly anything. The best thing about these handbags is that, when you are done carrying them, you can use it as a creative storage solution at home.

Archived article by Kelsey Nichols