April 29, 2004

Don't Stand So Close to Me

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Kids these days are so cool. Collars up, hats to the side, listening to Dave Matthews as they drive to frat parties in their BMWs. iPods everywhere. Skinny white guys in tight vintage T’s talking about their hipster friends in Williamsburg. All these people seem to have comrades and self-confidence. Since I have less age-appropriate friends right now then Michael Jackson, I am trying to learn from their example. Like a devoted disciple, I study and imitate, and I have observed that their musical tastes are the deciding influence on their style. I will hunt down all emo kids, Birkenstock yuppies, lacrosse players, sorority chicks, the pseudo-Euro Trash hanging around Johnson School of Management, and Arts Quad lawn crazies. I will interview them to expose the musical tastes behind their casual fa