May 6, 2004

Campus Couture

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With Slope Day just around the corner, and graduation not far behind, we look toward summer vacation as a chance to relax and say goodbye to the stress of Cornell — for at least a few months. But, for some of us, the stress is just beginning. Fun in the sun means having to bare it all — and look good, too. Fortunately, you have us to help you choose the most flattering summer swimwear. So even if you spend the next few weeks hitting the books more than tanning or doing ab crunches, you can still look your best at the beach.

Striped Monokini

It’s the ultimate summer dilemma: bare it all with a bikini or cover up with a one-piece? Well, with this cute suit from dELiA’s you never have to choose. The boys will be so busy trying to figure out your suit, they won’t notice if you eat another corndog. We just hope that your left side is your good side.

One-Shoulder One-Piece

Black is slimming. Need we say more? And the asymmetrical top is a nice variation on the typical Speedo look. It’s comfortable, cute, and works in every situation. But the design is high cut in the leg — so don’t forget to schedule a bikini wax!

Miracle Bra Tankini

It’s all about the boobs, girls. Now we’re not saying you’re lacking in this department, but … who couldn’t use a little help defying gravity? And, at only $62 on sale, it’s a bargain. But we’d buy it at twice the price. Who cares — it lifts and separates!

Floral Tugger

It’s from Abercrombie. Which means that EVERYONE from your frat brothers to your computer science professor will be wearing it this summer. Hey, you might not look as good as those ultra-buff Abercrombie models, but that’s the price you pay for lifting beer mugs instead of barbells.

Accented Board Shorts

Is it just us, or does this bathing suit look like it’s framing … something. For some of you, this may be a good thing. For others … not so much, especially if the pool is cold that day. On second thought, maybe you should pass this one by.

Striped Swim Trunks

Wow. Someone misses the 1930s. Put this on and you can have the distinguished priveledge of being “that sketchy guy,” roaming around the beach, looking for a random hookup. It’s too bad horizontal stripes make you look fat … or round … or “big-boned” as your mother calls it.

Archived article by Wendi Kane and Katie Azzaro