May 6, 2004

Test Spin: Guns 'N Roses

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Well … what more is there to say? So we meet again. Every male who was proud enough to live through the 1990s as a preadolescent teen has been through a tenuous relationship with the group everyone in the world loves to hate. On this rather flimsy compilation, we’re reminded of how melodramatic, rocking, and absolutely fantastic this group was. “Paradise City” is as frothing a let’s-get-loaded-and-accidently-shoot-people-on-The-Strip metal song as has ever been recorded by allegedly sane men. And “November Rain” boasts three, three mind you, of the most pompous, brilliant Slash solos in modern rock. They needed a helicopter and four cameras to document it in the music video! While all the hits are here, the problem is there are no liner notes, remastering, and it’s all heavily slanted toward GNR’s vastly less impressive later years. Still, it’s about time the kids remembered their pre-Nirvana history and got back to sitting in 7-11 parking lots, smoking bourbon out of ugly girls’ hair.

Archived article by Zam Lingones
Red Letter Daze Contributor