August 30, 2004

'Rock the Vote' Bus Stops on Quad

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On a 50-city bus tour to encourage young people to register to vote in the presidential election, the “Rock the Vote” bus stopped to spread its message in the Arts Quad on Saturday.

“Rock the Vote,” a nonprofit, nonpartisan campaign partnered with MTV’s “Choose or Lose: 20 Million Loud” initiative, was first contacted by Mike Zuckerman ’06, president of the Mock Election Steering Committee, earlier this year as a start-up event for a series of lectures and debates held by the Mock Election campaign, which is being co-sponsored by The Sun.

“I sent an e-mail to ‘Rock the Vote’ [because] they are the most recognizable youth voting group,” Zuckerman said. “This is the kick-off to the semester for the Mock Election campaign.”

The “Rock the Vote” bus visited the Ithaca community, Ithaca College and Cornell in order to register young voters as well as stress the importance of youth voting.

“There is an ugly rumor floating around that the youth are apathetic [about politics] but we want to prove this wrong,” said Lindsey Berman, national bus tour manager for “Rock the Vote.”

“The election deals with so many issues that concern us. We really just want to get people excited about the election and build awareness,” she added.

Zuckerman hopes to see an improvement in the number of college-age students voting in the upcoming presidential election. “We want to get college students energized. The goal is to hopefully have every Cornell student registered to vote,” Zuckerman said.

The “Rock the Vote” bus visit to Cornell consists of one of two phases of the tour — the first part of the campaign seeks to solely register students throughout the country to vote, and the second phase comprises a campus invasion concert series, in which a “voter village” is set up at campuses across the country with sponsor booths, issues tables, games and voter registration. The tour will also host celebrity and political guests in an effort to increase voter turnout.

The “Rock the Vote” bus, adorned in 1960’s d