September 2, 2004

Editors' Note

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As summer begins its downward spiral into the frigid hell that is fall semester, we at daze can”t help but be a little nostalgic for those days gone by. Now firmly in the jaws of the academy and actually partially digested, we don”t just wish it were summer, we pray to God every fucking night that we could go back. So don”t tell us we”re being too sentimental — we need this right now.

Zach”s summer vacation was absolutely fabulous. Taking time to relax in the posh surroundings of Horsham, Pa., he spent his time reading, mowing lawns, repainting garages, weeding, stripping walls, and developing a potentialy melonoma-causing case of sunburn. An ambitious journalist, he entered an internship with one Philadelphia Weekly, noted for being the world”s most highly concentrated office of asswipes and dickheads. He didn”t get paid, but that didn”t matter, since he fact checked, transcribed, and answered phones out of passion.

Alex returned to the sunny coast of California to discover that his leg was broken and had been for the past seven months. Expecting to see his family, he was welcomed by the vacant house where his family used to live. While Alex is still trying to figure out what happened to his family, he spent the summer learning how to surf and sobbing because he was forced to join the Navy. As a result, Alex no longer edits this section. Best wishes to Alex and his vanished family!

Archived article by Alex Linhardt and Zach Jones