September 9, 2004

Editors' Note

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This week, there will be no editors” note. In its place is a letter to the editor regarding George Sand”s article, ‘The Times That Try Girly-Men”s Souls.’

Dear Editor,

I have been a loyal reader of Red Letter Daze for over five years. I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a cup of coffee every Thursday morning and reading what some pretentious 19-year-old has to say about the new Neil Young LP, and about how ‘ironic’ and ‘postmodern’ every thing and person is. But last week George Sand went too far in his criticism of the Republican National Convention. I will agree with Mr. Sand that George W. Bush is the greatest president of the last 100 years. But I beg to differ with his analysis of Governor Schwarzenegger”s speech. When he calls liberals ‘economic girly-men,’ he is not making fun of poor people or minorities, as Mr. Sand suggests. Rather, he is rightfully calling sissy Democrats cowards and destroyers of Keynesian economics with their ideas of prostituting the government for a hand in the Afghan opium trade that supports al-Qaeda. Maybe if Washington stopped trying to use bait-and-switch politics and started supporting the war on the Arabs, we would be a little better off in this country. Mr. Sand needs to think about his country before he thinks about himself. Daze should stick to covering entertainment, not the most pressing political concerns.


Joseph Kernan, M.D., Ph. D., Practicing Chiropractor

Archived article by Alex Linhardt and Zach Jones