September 9, 2004

Gridiron Giant Gives It Up

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With his move from linebacker to strong safety, we came up with plenty of pertinent football questions for the varsity team’s most versatile defensive threat. Unfortunately, we lost that audiotape. We were however able to piece something together from our written notes. What follows are 10 questions with senior Brad Kitlowski:

1) Why Football? A: In high school I narrowed it down to football and basketball. I love the hitting, I love the competitivness, and I love the teamwork. It’s all the things that go into football that some of the other sports don’t have.

2) Who is the person you most admire? A: My Father. Q: You could pick anyone in history, and you go with your Dad? A: I’ve just always looked up to him my entire life. He’s a really hard worker, and that’s something both him and my mom have passed onto me.

3) The other guys outside seemed to give you some shit when we came in here, have they ever given you any nicknames? A: Kit Q: That’s it? A: Well, they call me Arnold, too. Q: Now we’re talking. How come? A: It’s my hair. They think I look like Conan the Barbarian Q: Anything else? A: Kitty, I guess, but that one’s back from before Cornell.

4) I noticed the team is using the Squash courts as locker rooms. What’s the deal with that? A: It’s not as small as it seems. Q: Even the showers? A: Yeah, they’re actually pretty big. As long as it’s close and I don’t have to walk halfway across campus, I’m not going to complain. Q: Is there any jealousy of the Sprint Football guys? I mean, they didn’t have to move out of Scheollkopf. A: Maybe a little bit.

5) You’re a diehard Steelers fan. Who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year? A: The Cowboys Q: Cowboys? Well then who comes out of the AFC? A: I should hate the Ravens, but it’s that defense. They have to go.

6) You and Joel Sussman used to play the same position, now you guys will play opposite each other as strong and weak safeties. Who would win in a race? A: I’d have to say myself, but it’d definitely be a good race. Q: Would you put money on it? A: [long pause] … I would. Definitely. 7) What’s been your biggest defeat in life? A: My sophomore year of high school when I tore my ACL. Q: Ouch. A: Yeah, the worst part was that I couldn’t play sports or do the things I loved to do.

8) Should Ivy League Football be allowed to compete in the postseason? A: I think we should be able to compete in the I AA tournament … but I’m not the one making the decisions about that.

9) If you were a superhero, would you rather have the ability to fly, be invisible, or the strength of 100 men? A: Fly. Q: How come? A: I just think it’d be fun.

10) Okay, last question. Athletes seem to take a bad rap when it comes to their intelligence and how much time they spend in the classroom. Say something smart. A: What? Q: You know, something you’ve learned in class. Like from freshman year. A: Geez man, I just came off the football field. It’s like two different mindsets. Q: Okay, well what’s your major? A: Economics. Q: Okay, so what do you think of the current state of our economy? A: It’s not as good as people would like it to be, but it’ll turn around. Q: I get it, waves and cycles. So what about tax cuts: a good or bad idea? A: I think Bush might have overdone it, but you do need them to a certain extent.

Archived article by Matt Janiga
Sun Senior Editor