September 9, 2004

Students Sentenced For Illegal Filming

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At $490, it may have been the most expensive porn tape the brothers of Delta Phi will ever buy.

Michael Pusateri ’05 and Kristoffer Kaminski ’05 pled guilty today to filming a couple engaging in sexual intercourse without the couple’s knowledge in October 2003. Pusateri and Kaminski were each sentenced to serve 50 hours of community service and pay a $150 fine plus a $95 surcharge.

The charge was reduced from unlawful surveillance in the second degree, which is a Class E felony, to disorderly conduct in satisfaction of aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor in the first degree. “Aggravated harassment includes harassing, annoying or alarming another person through electronic means,” said City Court Judge Judith A. Rossiter. She described the crime as taking place while the victims were “unclothed and in a bedroom.”

Pusateri, whose father was in the courtroom with his son as the sentencing took place, is the former president of Delta Phi. The taped couple was another member of the fraternity and his girlfriend. The tape was destroyed within a week. All parties were encouraged by the fraternity’s president Jonathan Gladbach ’06 to “work stuff out” outside of the legal system, according to sources. The negotiations resulted in the charge being reduced rather than dropped entirely as originally expected.

Pusateri and Kaminski were both also placed on conditional discharge for a year, meaning that they “can’t get in trouble again for a year,” Rossiter said.

They have until Dec. 8 to fulfill their community service.

Archived article by Freda Ready
Sun Managing Editor