September 9, 2004

Test Spin: Head Automatica

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There seems to be an upward swing in indie music towards guitar rock that makes you dance. And I don’t mean dancing-in-aisle, Van Morrison-circa-“Domino”-style movement. No, I mean all-out, sloppy, sweaty, dry-fucking club dancing.

While rock and house music may seem to have birthed from two different mothers by two different fathers on two different planets, the prevailing theory is that the two can peaceably exist. And to some degree, it works. Groups like The Rapture, !!!, and Basement Jaxx have successfully crosspollinated buzzing guitars and dancefloor bass into one complete whole. The latest to follow in this formula is Head Automatica, the reincarnation of Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo. Lending himself street cred, Palumbo has Dan the Automator in tow for production, whose impressive work with Dr. Octagon and Gorillaz means the album can’t be that bad. But Automator fans be warned, if Dr. Octagonecolygist was Dan on mescaline, Decadence is him on an all night meth-amphetamine bender. Decadence is purified party rock. And for better or worse, that’s all it is.

Archived article by Zach Jones
Red Letter Daze Editor