September 16, 2004

Campus Couture

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Resume … check. Cover letter … check. But what about the outfit? As the career fair approaches, seniors are all scrambling to make their best impressions. So, to help take some of the stress off, we’ve compiled a suggested outfit for both guys and girls. The rest is up to you.


Guys, we know you’d rather be wearing anything else, but if you have to dress like a monkey, you might as well look damn good. Besides, James Bond wears one all the time, and look how many girls he’s been with. (Disclaimer: We are not guaranteeing you’ll get any, but trust us, it can’t hurt.) We would definitely hire the guy who interviewed at our company wearing this suit.


Now that you’ve got your fabulous suit, don’t screw it up by wearing a cartoon tie. So unless you want your interviewer to go blind, stay simple. It’ll accent the suit nicely, but won’t be too flashy.


Don’t even think about pairing sneakers with these. There is a time and a place for everything, and this is NOT the day to show off your suede New Balances. Instead, pump up your look with these hip but classy treads from Kenneth Cole. And tell yourself it’s worth the investment — guys don’t have enough pairs of shoes anyway.


Simple? Yes. Plain? Yes. Boring? Definitely. But miniskirts are a no-no here, girls. There’s only a 50-50 chance that your interviewer will be a guy, and even if he is, showing a little leg does NOT guarantee you a job. It may not be the trendiest item in your closet, but at least you won’t flash the entire campus when the wind blows.


Since your skirt is a bit bland, why not spice it up with a bit of Ivy League charm? We’re already known for our argyles, so why not use Cornell’s reputation to your advantage? You may have been out drinking last night, but you can fool them with this stylishly conservative item. Put one of these over a collared shirt and they’ll never know the difference.


When dressing to impress, black is always best. Just a little mantra for your accessorizing needs. We know you’d much rather sport a brightly-colored mini-tote, but this bag gives off the kind of sophistication and charm you want your interviewers to think you have, even if you don’t.

Archived article by Wendi Kane and Katie Azzaro
Red Letter Daze Staff Writers