September 16, 2004

Letter to the Editor

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Apparently we fucked up again. Below is a letter to the editor regarding Erica Stein’s Test Spin on the Rolling Stones’ Jump Back:

This is an e-mail concerning Erica Stein’s absolutely ignorant review of the Rolling Stones album, Jump Back. I would just like to inform Ms. Stein about the history of the album. First, it was released in 1993 when the Rolling Stones signed their record contract with Virgin Records, leaving behind CBS Records. In the contract, it was agreed that no greatest hits albums from the Atlantic Records/CBS days would be included in the deal. Thus, leaving out three greatest hits records from 1971 to 1984, Made in the Shade (1975), Sucking in the Seventies (1981) and Rewind (1984).

Virgin wanted to include a greatest hits record due to the need for an album with just people’s favorite Stones songs. It is also important to note that this record was released only in the U.K. at that time. I would also remind Ms. Stein that when the Stones catalog was released on cd in 1986, that CD conversion technology was sub par, even to 1993’s standards.

Thus, when the Stones went to Virgin, their entire catalog was given a digital overhaul. It is now probably being released in the US because of the favorable reaction to 40 Licks (2002), and due to sincere U.S. fan’s needs to own the album for collection purposes. I would expect a higher quality of researched journalism from Cornell University than what has been displayed by Ms. Stein.

Thank you,

Anthony Shelton

Illinois State University

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