September 16, 2004

Test Spin: L.L. Cool J

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sell*out, sel out n.

1. : one who sells out

2. : first word to come to mind when a pop-up ad for LL Cool J’s website appeared on the screen after inserting the CD into my computer. Apparently my pop-up blocker has no cure for worm.llcoolj. If that wasn’t bad enough, upon opening the cover booklet, one could not miss the blatant advertisements for his upcoming film releases and his new, aptly self-named clothing line. Its no surprise that LL’s street cred has fallen a notch, especially after starring in Rollerball. We know LL’s gone “Hollywood,” but has his music followed suit?

lon*gev*i*ty, lon’ jev’ i ti n.

1. : a long duration of individual life

2. : the embodiment of LL Cool J’s career. The DEFinition, released in August, is LL’s 11th record over the course of a twenty-year career. Even more impressive are the ten platinum records for all his previous releases. But if you’re looking for the LL of olden days, with his hard-as-nails rhymes and unembellished tracks, you’ll have an easier time trying to sit through one of his movies.

shrewd, shro