September 23, 2004

The A Spot

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This Wednesday marked the first day of Fall. When I heard the newscaster say that Autumn is here, I thought to myself, ‘Oh great, it”s all down hill from here.’ I may be cynical, but and if you”ve spent at least one winter in Ithaca, then you know what I”m talking about. We”ve only got a couple of nice weeks left before we all have to go into hiding.

Now don”t go running to the suspension bridge (just kidding, I don”t want to add more fuel to that fire). I am just trying to spur you people into action so that you don”t miss your chance to take advantage of what Ithaca has to offer people who are not Eskimos. The time to enjoy the beauty of the gorges is now, before they literally freeze over.

The way I see it, there are two types of Ithacans. I”m not drawing the distinction between IC and Cornell Students or College Students and ‘townies’. I am referring to the difference between the students who never leave Collegetown in the winter months, and those who are willing to venture outside of our little bubble. The divide only grows bigger as we enter the Fall. Soon, the breeze that you use to enjoy becomes a full out blizzard. This year, I am determined to become one of the second type.

You see, yesterday, I thought it was too late for me. There came a point as I ran down the stairs to get another bagel from CTB when I realized that my life has become too much like Super Size Me — you know, that movie where the guy eats McDonald”s Big Macs every day for thirty days. Now, I haven”t developed any of the same symptoms as the guy, and my life is not being documented on camera, so you may be wondering where I draw the comparison. What I mean is, I have somehow turned into a creature of habit from just one month of living in Collegetown. Not that it doesn”t have a lot to offer. Where else can you find five different types of restaurants and the best bagels in the area? After my fourteenth Sweet Rachel, I finally made myself venture down the street, but that was about as far as I got, so I resigned myself to hibernation until I realized that I might be missing something.

So, In the interest of those out there who would like to enjoy themselves while they can, and my own new found need to expand my horizons, I took the liberty of typing Ithaca into to see what would come up. I found nada, which is when I realized I was going to have to work a little harder, so I tried to think of some experience of my own that I could share. Besides my trip to Taughannock Falls, which I was sure I discovered last Spring until I saw a group of Japanese tourists appear from behind a tree, and the occasional tour of the area”s wineries, which I don”t remember much of, I couldn”t come up with much.

My advice to you is to forget the things that everyone talks about. With Prelims and Winter fast approaching, this is one of the last times to do little things: read outside instead of in the library, run down to the Commons and walk around, go get Ice Cream at the Dairy Barn, or take a drive down route 13 and look out at the Lake. the I guess the point is that Ithaca is what you make of it, much like Cornell is. Once the cold hits, it is only that much harder to take the time to look around and realize why you chose this.

So go, run before it”s too late, because the next time you turn around it will be October”s first snow and you”ll be stuck waiting for that nice day in March to come.

Archived article by Logan Bromer