September 30, 2004

Editors' Note: Sexism

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p>As attentive readers of the editors” note will recall, there has been quite a bit of controversy at Red Letter daze over the last several weeks. This is primarily because of readers” fierce opposition to an article we published in May, which satirically imagined a world in which extreme feminists ruled the world. Apparently, hillbillies and rednecks do not take kindly to satire that agrees with their own position! They have compared daze to the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda, Mein Kampf, and the Native American genocide. Do we smell bloated hyperbole? Some even claimed that we spout such opinions just to get laid. But daze assures the readership that neither Zach nor Alex has had sex in the last seven years. God, my God, when will the drought end!

Many readers have even suggested that ‘no one would let your paper run the same article with the genders reversed.’ Well ho-ly shit! Gather “round, ‘men”s activists,’ ‘white power organizations,’ and Republicans. Have we got a treat for you! Here”s an excerpt from the article we published in May, but the genders have been switched! And in the interests of avoiding a gender riot, let”s explain to those with low intellectual capacities that this is satire: ‘Considering that women are the main contributors to the world problems we face such as alcoholism, domestic violence, and war, the easiest and most obvious remedy to our problems would be to remove women from the society. But we are the charitable sex and will instead only remove them from the dominating class. I propose that women be kept to themselves, not interacting with men unless the men deem it necessary for their own well-being. Females will no longer control the action in the bedroom by being “on top” the majority of the time and satisfying their own needs before the woman’s. No, women will submit.’

So, there”s your little fantasy, you chauvinistic bastards.


Archived article by Alex Linhardt and Zach Jones