September 30, 2004

Talking Infidelities

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Who is Dashboard Confessional? Well, chances are if you”re reading this you already know and are part of his extensive and loyal die-hard fan base. But in case you don”t, Dashboard (a.k.a Chris Carrabba) has been known for his heart-wrenching lyrics and intense emotional songs. In the midst of a whirlwind of promotions for his new CD, A Mark a Mission a Brand a Scar, Carrabba made some time to briefly talk to the daze.

daze: Are you excited to come here? Have you ever been to Ithaca before?

Carrabba: Yeah, I have actually. I”ve pretty much been everywhere. I played in a bar there awhile ago.

daze: Where did you start out?

Carrabba: South Florida, right out of my bedroom.

daze: When do you think you knew that you wanted to be a musician?

Carrabba: I always knew I wanted to be a musician, but I just thought I”d be a living room musician.

daze: When was your first sold-out show, or the first show you realized that people knew who you actually were?

Carrabba: My first real show was at home. I wasn”t sure people knew I was doing this new thing but lo and behold everyone in town was there to support me.

daze: Of all the bands you”ve been on tour with, who do you think you enjoy playing with the most?

Carrabba: I really enjoy all the tours we do because we take up bands we”re friends with. I”m pretty close with Jesse from Brand New so that was an amazing tour for me. This last tour was great because The Get Up Kids and Dashboard have been together for awhile and are on the same record label, so being with them is always fun.

daze: I know you started playing solo acoustic and slowly accumulated a larger band. Which do you prefer, or enjoy more? I think on Sunday you”re playing pretty much acoustic.

Carrabba: I do it both because I enjoy them both for different reasons — both acoustic and the band. This weekend my guitar player is going to be there with me.

daze: I hear you”re into John Irving. What is your favorite book by him?

Carrabba: I oscillate usually between A Prayer for Owen Meany and Cider House Rules. But recently I”ve been really big on J.T. LeRoy. I really recommend the book Sarah.

daze: Your new CD just came out this summer. What would you say is your favorite song?

Carrabba: Well, I kind of base that on a night to night basis — whichever one the crowd is into the most, whichever one I get the best vibe from is the one that becomes my favorite for the moment.

Need more Dashboard? Well, you”re in luck. He”ll be here live on Sunday, October 3rd along with Reel Big Fish at 8pm in Barton Hall. Come and see for yourself just which song will get the best “vibe” ….

Chris Carrabba will perform with opening act Reel Big fish Sunday, October 3 in Barton Hall at 8 p.m.

Archived article by Emily Gordan
Red Letter DAZE Contributor