October 7, 2004

Editors' Note

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We regret to inform the readership that due to our own negligence and immaturity, we have been forced to resign from our positions as editors for the Cornell Daily Sun. We accept full responsibility for our reckless publication of bigotry, profanities, and animosity directed towards specific genders and races.

Furthermore, we wish to offer a sincere and full apology to men”s activists around the country. We were inconsiderate, prejudiced, and even moronic in permitting hate-speech to enter a student newspaper. Even worse, we responded to accurate and helpful criticisms with juvenile insults and degrading expletives. We now acknowledge our professional and personal errors, and therefore pledge to do everything we can to remedy the hate we have unfortunately promoted and collabarated in.

As such, we now fully concede that if we had published similar articles by a man regarding women, we would have suffered universal condemnation and perhaps legal and financial repercussions. It is therefore clear that it is always wrong to degrade isolated genders and races; it is hate-speech and does not belong in public discourse.

If we may be allowed only one more act as editors, it is merely to pray that our depraved actions have not irreparably damaged gender relations on campus and around the world. Finally, we wish our successors, Andrew and Karen Gilman, all the best in their new careers and thank them for taking the job on such short notice.

(Just kidding.)

Archived article by Alex and Zach