October 7, 2004

The Best Shows You Aren't Watching

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In this age of digital cable and satellite TV, television execs are relying more and more on Nielsen ratings to make their programming decisions for them. But like an ex-high school football star who still relives his glorious playing days, or a homecoming queen who earned her crown on her hands and knees, the most popular shows aren”t necessarily the best. If you”ve had enough of those whiny bitches on The Real World, try these shows out.

Arrested Development (FOX)

Lets face it: we all enjoy watching news clips of company execs go to jail for their financial indiscretions. There”s nothing like a rich man, or woman (*cough* Martha), in handcuffs — it”s reality TV at its best. So, lets make a comedy out of it.

In a market of unoriginal, cookie-cutter sitcoms, FOX”s Arrested Development, entering its sophomore season, is a refreshing comedy telling ‘the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together,’ as narrated in the opening credits by executive producer Ron Howard.

Suspiciously, another former child-star, Jason Bateman, plays the cynical son keeping the misfit cast of Bluth family members together following the arrest of the embezzling senior Bluth, played by Jeffrey Tambor. Other notable cast members include Jessica Walter, Portia de Rossi, and David Cross; a.k.a. mama Bluth, sister Bluth, and suspiciously gay brother-in-law F