October 8, 2004

To Our Readers

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When The Cornell Daily Sun returns after fall break on Wednesday, readers will find a new, improved, redesigned and re-thought campus newspaper.

The editorial and design boards of The Sun have been developing the look and concept of the redesign since last semester, and the process has included input from industry-recognized consultants.

The changes are beginning from a cosmetic level on down. Entirely new fonts for text and headlines have been chosen. Readers will enjoy more white space and less clutter. More fundamentally, however, The Sun will be better organized, with uninterrupted sections and a more logically coherent page order.

Red Letter daze, the arts and entertainment section, is being overhauled with at least one page a day — plus an eight-page pullout on the usual Thursday.

Beyond this preview, we’ll leave the details for our readers to enjoy on Wednesday. A further explanation will be included with that first issue.

And as with all topics, we’ll look forward to our reader input.

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