October 13, 2004

Creeper Strikes C-Town Again

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Another trespassing incident occurred in a Cornell student’s apartment last Wednesday, according to an Ithaca Police Department report. The department received a complaint from a female student who said that an unknown person broke into her home and tried to break into her room through a locked door for about five minutes. After failing to gain entrance, the intruder exited through the kitchen window, according to the victim’s statement in the police report. Lt. Timothy Williams of the IPD declined to comment on the case or whether he believed it was related to the string of trespassings committed by the “Collegetown Creeper.”

He referred The Sun to Chief Lauren Signer’s office, which did not reply prior to the publication of this article.

If indeed the latest intrusion is the work of the “Creeper,” it is not the first time he has attempted forced entry upon a residence.

The Sun reported last fall that the intruder had tried to break open a door to a female student’s residence.

When she tried to call the police, the intruder started pulling on wires that led under the door. After the student called 911, the intruder left.

The Ithaca Times reported that, in a separate incident on Sept. 14 in which an intruder cut a student’s undergarments, the victim told the newspaper that her door had been locked when the intruder entered.

Five victims with whom The Sun has spoken have harshly criticized the IPD’s response to the crimes.

One victim said that the police investigating the incident told her to “take it up with your landlord.”

General discontent within the student body has resulted in two student rallies, held last Tuesday and Wednesday. During the second rally, the students marched from Collegetown to City Hall.

Any students with additional information are encouraged to contact the Ithaca Police Department at 272-9973. For students who feel uncomfortable or unsafe, the Blue Light phone service is available at 80 outdoor locations on and around Cornell.

Archived article by Michael Morisy
Sun Senior Writer