October 28, 2004

Campus Couture

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For those of you who have a slew of clothes in your closet that are, “so last year,” now’s your chance to dust them off and let them see the light of day … without stopping traffic. Halloween is this weekend, and what better way to make use of dead trends than to create a fabulous, spooky ensemble. Add all these items together, and you have: a completely ridiculous costume. But, it’s the one day of the year no one will laugh at you when you wear it.

Step 1: Footwear

After tramping all over Ithaca, begging for candy (or whatever other treats you are looking for), you’ll be glad that these outplayed boots are on your feet. They might be done, and done, and done again … but they’re still warm, comfy, and color-coordinated!

Step 2: Pants

You can run, but you can’t hide. Actually, looks like you’re not even trying in these bootcamp beauties. Contrary to popular belief, this is one style that’s sure to make anyone look like a man. Let’s face it, camos take the unisex look two steps too far. And that’s one step farther than J. Crew.

Step 3: Shirt

Calling all wannabe hippies! Do you miss the chance to show off your bohemian stylings? If the granola-girl chic you spot downtown at the Commons still makes you long for days past, then now’s your chance to relive the history the rest of us would just as soon forget. This is one day when bras are optional.

Step 4: Accessory

Why anyone would actually want to resemble Big Bird is beyond us, but, if you feel the need to bond with your inner drag queen, this feathered boa is the perfect addition to your costume. And, if you have this saved from the glorious day you got accepted into your sorority, then Halloween is the perfect time to whip it out and show some girly pride!

Step 5: Headgear

Ouch … does this hat bring back painful memories of the $50 you spent on it back during the 5 minutes that it was cool? We’re happy that this trend didn’t last long, but we feel for those of you who wasted a chunk of change that could of have been better spent at the bars. At least the alcohol would help you forget that you have horrible fashion sense. Anyways, now you can bring this sad example of trucker chic out of hibernation for one night and celebrate its true ugliness.

Archived article by Wendi Kane and Katie Azzaro
Red Letter Daze Staff Writers