November 3, 2004

Don't Insult Our Intelligence

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Joe Buck: Welcome back to the 2004 World Series. Before I take a moment to plug Budweiser for the 45th time (can you believe they’re paying me to be in their ads?), we’re going to bring on Red Sox manager Terry Francona. Terry, how do you think the team is doing so far?

Francona: Well Joe, I think we’re playing well.

Buck: Thanks Terry, we appreciate your time.

The above may not be an exact transcript of the in-game interviews that were featured during the World Series last week, but it’s close enough to the real thing. When Fox did these interviews during the All-Star Game, everyone thought it was a cute gimmick. When there’s something actually on the line, though, the last thing a manager or coach wants to do is talk to the broadcasters.

This is why sideline interviews with football coaches before halftime are completely worthless. There are only two possible responses from a coach in this interview: an empty clich