November 5, 2004

Lady Booters Close Season

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The weather forecast for tomorrow is calling for a cold day, gradually warming up with moments of sun. The women”s soccer team hopes its final game of the year will be just like that — a little bit of sunshine after a less than hot Ivy League season.

Cornell (4-10-2, 1-5-0 Ivy) will welcome Dartmouth (7-6-3, 2-3-1 Ivy) to Berman Field for an afternoon match, as the Red says goodbye to six seniors.

‘We’re going to hate to see them leave,’ said head coach Berhane Andeberhan.

Cornell’s seniors have been of key importance this year, helping to lead a very young squad. Freshman Molly Easterlin noted the importance of learning the lessons of the college game from the team’s veterans.

‘I learned the intensity and the motivation that’s necessary, and the commitment you need,’ she said.

Despite a nine game losing streak, the booters have kept their heads up, and have continued to work hard, according to Andeberhan.

‘The team is in really good spirits, very positive. We’re in the right frame of mind,’ he said.

Dartmouth is usually a dominant power in the Ivy League, but this year the Green has not been in classic form. Dartmouth recently dropped a match to last-place Columbia in New York, and lost to Yale at home earlier in the season.

But on Sunday, the Green picked up a 3-0 home win over a strong Harvard team, in Hanover, N.H.

‘They still have a couple of really strong players, and an excellent goalkeeper,’ Andeberhan said. ‘I don’t think they’re as strong as last year.’

Andeberhan noted the contributions — both on the field, and off the field — of the Class of 2005.

‘[Forward] Emily Wyffels has been our most significant leader this year, in the spring, the summer, and in the preseason. She’s more like a substitute coach. She’s a wonderful example.’

The veteran coach also spoke about the importance and talent of goalkeeper Katie Thomas and defender Natalie Dew.

‘We were lucky to get them [four years ago]. We were very fortunate. Natalie has been a tremendous force. Katie was offered all kinds of scholarships when she came out of high school. We were fortunate that she gave up some scholarships for a Cornell education,’ Andeberhan said.

Cornell lost to the Green 5-0 last year, on a very cold day by the shores of the Connecticut River.

‘Last year was not really a good game,’ Andeberhan said. ‘It was a miserable day up in Hanover. We didn’t match up, we gave up a couple of goals, and it went downhill from there.’ The booters hope this year’s game will result in a happier ending for the Red. ‘We’re looking to finish the season on a high note, with a positive attitude, and come together as a team,’ Easterlin said.

Archived article by Ted Nyman
Sun Staff Writer