November 8, 2004

Shorey Indicted on Felony Charges

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The individual identified by the Ithaca Police Department as the “Collegetown Creeper,” Abraham Shorey, was charged on Friday with two counts of sexual abuse by a Tompkins County Grand Jury.

The charges stem from an Oct. 24 incident in which a female resident of Maplewood Apartments reported that an unidentified man broke into her room and touched her.

Shorey, who was released on $5,000 bail last Tuesday, was also indicted on two second-degree burglary counts concerning both the Maplewood Apartments and a second occurrence on Dryden Road, where he allegedly entered another woman’s house that same night. These are the first felony charges placed against Shorey, who was originally arrested on Oct. 27 on single count of criminal trespass after he was identified in a photo lineup by one Collegetown resident.

The IPD believes that Shorey is the main culprit in most, if not all, of the 20-plus Creeper incidents which have occurred over the past 13 months. Among these cases, there have been claims that the perpetrator has committed acts of sexual abuse — including cutting the underwear on a sleeping female.

According to the Ithaca Journal, Tompkins County District Attorney George Dentes said that the sexual abuse charges consist of touching an individual’s “intimate parts” without consent. The charges against Shorey for burglary stem from his alleged attempts to enter in residences with the intent to commit a crime.

“I think it’s good that there are now charges against an individual which met the nature of the crime he is accused of,” said Alderperson Michael Taylor ’05 (D-4th Ward). Taylor added that the Collegetown community still needs to be mindful of their environment and security.

In an interview with the Sun last Thursday, Shorey denied that he was the Creeper. He said the IPD simply wanted to put the blame on the string of break-ins on someone after a frustrating year of few results with the case. Shorey declined comment to The Sun on the additional charges Saturday night.

IPD Police Chief Lauren Signer told The Sun on Oct. 28 that Shorey confessed to a number of incidents which were linked to the Creeper. Shorey’s wife denied that he had confessed to being the Creeper or the intrusions that have plagued Collegetown. Signer said the IPD “[has] enough information to be comfortable saying that [Shorey] is the Collegetown Creeper.” Signer has not wavered on her position since then.

The first charge of criminal trespass, which Shorey pleaded not guilty to in an Oct. 29 arraignment, carries a punishment of a fine or up to one year in jail. Shorey will be arraigned on the new charges in Tompkins County Court at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, where Judge John Rowley could modify the defendant’s bail.

Archived article by Brian Tsao
Sun Senior Editor