February 3, 2005

Campus Couture

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Cornellians recently returned to Ithaca only to be bombarded by snow squalls. Sadly, we consider 30 degrees to be a heat wave, but let’s be honest — it’s still freezing out there. Although we do see a few students wandering around in shorts and t-shirts as if they were in the goddamn Bahamas, the majority of us prefer not to freeze our hinies off. So if you want to stay warm and look good, read on.

Ugg Fluff Momma

Yes, we know it’s cold outside. However, ladies, that is not an excuse to dress up like Bigfoot. Although these boots may keep you from wiping out on the ice, we’d rather fall on our asses in the middle of Ho Plaza than wear dust mops on our feet. We thought that the original Ugg boots were bad, but we had no idea these monstrosities were coming.

Crochet Hat

It’s the eternal winter dilemma. You wake up two hours before class to wash, dry and style your hair, only to ruin your masterpiece by pulling an itchy wool hat over it. Since having frostbitten ears is not a good alternative, we suggest that you sleep for an extra hour and still look cute for class in your stylish crochet hat.

DKNY Jeans Puffer Jacket

You wish you could stay in bed, wrapped in your down comforter instead of going to class, so how about the next best thing? Whether you are hitting the bars, going to class or trudging across campus at 3 a.m. for that drunken hook-up, this coat will keep you warm and looking great.


We’re tired of you boys with your wingtips, loafers and worn-out Nikes. We want a man who knows a real pair of shoes when he sees them. Lugz look good whether you’re dressed up or down and they exude that rugged, manly vibe that will drive any girl crazy. Spyder Radar Hat

We’ve noticed the male species has an unexplainable attachment to wool hats and baseball caps. So boys, why not try this new style that combines two of your old favorites? We’ve seen a few of these hats around campus and we’re intrigued. Though at first glance they seem rather unattractive, we’ve got to admit that they’re starting to turn us on. So slap one on before a night out and you’ll be the hottest guy at the bar.

AE Cord Game Day Jacket

Just in case you missed the latest issue of GQ, corduroy is totally back in style. Sporting this jacket will not only keep you warm, but will make you look as though you have a clue. Your girl will be impressed by your fashion sense and will also appreciate its warmth when you chivalrously place it on her shoulders during a cold Saturday night.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro and Jessica Karp