February 4, 2005

The A.B.C. Guide to Style

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Seinheiser PX200 Headphones
The iPod earbud headphones suck. There’s no arguing it. They’re also an indicator to everyone else on the bus or the 6 Train southbound that you’ve got an iPod somewhere on your person. Why get beat up when you’re not even receiving quality sound? Thank Seinheiser for making a $40 pair of headphones that offer killer bass response, delicate treble, and over-the-ear listening comfort. Best part? These buggers fold up into a super compact case and weigh in at 65g.

Fred Perry Polo
Ralph is cool and all that jazz, but Fred Perry would’ve whooped his ass on a tennis court. Featuring a fitted cut and “ringer” details on the cuffs and collar, the Perry Polo is one of the best clothing items the U.K. ever brought us. Cool comfort and soft seams, this polo makes any goon look good. Only real ballers have vintage models with the gold embroidered logo. Don’t even bother wasting your time looking around here — you can’t find them outside of L.A.

Gucci Black Leather Pump
Fear not, Ladies. I didn’t forget you. Want to look good? Want to always pull an outfit together? Want to feel like everyone else is your submissive slave? Go out and drop the necessary bones on this pair of classic shoes that will never go out of style. Made from sexy, supple black calfskin leather, Tom Ford and the Italians showed us why busted jeans and bad earrings don’t matter if you have the right footwork to rock. These shoes have the uncanny ability to hide the dreaded “pump fat” (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about: girls with fat feet that spill over in a pair of shoes). A little black polish and a spit shine in between spilling pink drinks on these classics and you’ll be the star of any event. Note: seeing these on any slightly drunk girl with good legs will turn genitals into grenades.

L.L. Bean Original Book Pack
Indestructable. Cheap. Lightweight. Classic. There’s no denying the L.L. Bean bag you still have stored in a closet deep inside your white suburbanite home. Featuring one big book compartment and two smaller pockets on the exterior for storing crusty paste and milk money, L.L. Bean developed one of the first reflective strip bookbags to prevent tikes like you from getting hit after jumping off the last school bus step each afternoon. Lifetime-guarantee, tough as nail zippers, and ballistic nylon with the ability to absorb Sharpie ink, L.L. Bean still cranks this sucker out daily.

Archived article by Ari Cantor
Sun Contributor