February 8, 2005

Skip the Reception

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For the second week in a row of reviewing movies at the Pyramid Mall Cinema, the Coke commercial before the movie with that catchy “I’ve Got to Be Free” song was more enjoyable than the feature film. Watching The Wedding Date was like attending an incredibly bad wedding; the music was bad, the conversation boring, and after about 15 minutes all you want to do is drink yourself stupid at the open bar (which in case you haven’t noticed, is sorely lacking at the Pyramid Mall 10).

What can you expect from a film that’s based on a novel probably not even worthy of “beach reading”? The Wedding Date’s inspiration is the novel Asking For Trouble, by Elizabeth Young. The official website for The Wedding Date, boasts of Young’s previous activities before writing her novel which include being a stewardess and modeling for Cypress TV commercials. The script of this film is simply a grocery list of clich