February 10, 2005

Various Artists: A Tribute to Black Sabath

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Tribute albums tend to be trite and homogenous, giving nothing to the tributee and usually embarrassing the tributers. Everything Comes and Goes, a Black Sabbath tribute album, is different. This is not a bunch of metal-head thrashers ripping off crappy covers of the songs that turned them into devil-worshippers. This homage is eclectic and thoughtful. It even head-bangs when appropriate.

You will probably not recognize songs as familiar as “Iron Man” behind Four Tet’s computer-generated acoustic guitar and mellow beat, because he does not bother to include the lyrics, choosing instead to challenge your mind to wander with the stoned groove. You won’t understand Ruins’ pristine medley of just about every Black Sabbath song worth knowing. I guarantee, however, that you’ll recognize “Sweet Leaf” as a Cypress Hill-like bong effect that welcomes the stoner anthem to complete the well-rounded collection — you’ll love it.

4 Stars

Archived article by Stan Feldman