February 22, 2005

How To Tour Italy Without Leaving Home

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It was exactly four years ago this week, during my senior year in high school, when several friends and I traveled to Italy. From Michelangelo’s majestic ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to Brunelleschi’s dignified Duomo in Florence, the sites we visited were artistic and picturesque. Hollywood filmmakers seem to agree, as these such landmarks, as well as the refreshing Italian countryside, have been used as shooting locales in many memorable films. Consider, for example, the charming town of Arezzo, the provincial capital within the central Italian region of Tuscany. We visited this medieval-looking town, full of illustrious churches and cathedrals, to see the famed collection of frescoes by Piero della Francesca. These frescoes, as well as scenes in a monastery at San’Anna in Camprena, were featured prominently in the film The English Patient.

The meandering streets of Arezzo, bustling with friendly cafes and shops, were the main locale used during the filming of Roberto Benigni’s La Vita